Supporting educators in China to help pupils achieve their full potential

We work with schools across China to support their teaching teams and co-design their curriculum, to better address the unique needs of their students with lower levels of English language proficiency.

In partnership with the Bell Foundation, our models for assessment, development and evaluations, can help schools adopt best practice and effective teaching methodologies – giving their students the best chance to succeed in further education, including international high school programmes, university and life at work.

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Track record

The Bell Foundation, our charitable arm, was commissioned to lead important research into the development and support of teachers who work with English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners. Their work alongside leading universities has led to the publication of an award-winning EAL Assessment Framework for educators to assess the proficiency of EAL learners.

Having launched a programme for EAL learners in January 2014 in the UK, the Foundation continues to support schools and other organisations that work directly with children with EAL: building their capacity and knowledge, developing models of best practice, and widening impact through collaborative working with other researchers.

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